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Rohit Sehgal

Cybersecurity Engineer
Bengaluru, India
A small town boy and a Security Engineer by passion.
OSCP Certified, Masters degree from IITK with specialization in System Security and more than 3.5 years of professional security experience, across Development of security services, Penetration Testing, DevSecOpsSystem SecuritySSDLC and Security Architecture. Experience in writing Checkmarx SAST Audit Queries (CxQL). Experience working with SAST & DAST tools. Currently Cybersecurity Engineer at Visa.

A proud Author, Engineer, Maintainer, and Architect of extremely reliable and privacy friendly hosted disposable email service TrashEmail. Also Engineer and maintainer of a tool that can identify the weak configurations inside running dockers containers DockerENT. Authored a book and delivered various security sessions at International conferences. Inventor of 2 Patents and 1 Trade-secret. An active open source contributor. Drop by his GitHub too, there are really cool and awesome stuff, and you will love it.
Wednesday, October 28

17:00 IST